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Living a cozy life is a blog for season lovers. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, find inspiration for them all!

We love seasons and the changes they bring. That’s why we are building a cozy corner of the internet where you can find new ways to make this year the comfiest, most seasonal year yet.

Whether you’re looking for new traditions to add to your yearly planner, or you’re on a search for new and cozier home decor ideas, this is the place to be. 

We’re on a mission to make every season your FAVORITE season.

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About the creators @ Living a Cozy Life 

We are Em & Cate, the creators at Cozy Life, and we’re always excited to share the latest tips and seasonal tricks that inspire us to live a cozier life year-round. 

We make it our goal to find new ways to experience and appreciate everything that each season has to offer. From the snuggly warmth of winter, to the bright freshness of the summer, we want to help you discover your favorite things about every season of the year.

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Living a Cozy Life: Living with Intention & Contentment

Living a Cozy Life is under construction. If you’re looking for the content that filled Cozy Life before our big redirection, check it out on the pages below!

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