Living a Cozy Life

Stop Feeling Stuck:

If you find yourself standing still, you’re at risk of becoming complacent, bored, and losing your enthusiasm.

The process of moving forward requires introspection and follow-through. Getting started is half the battle.

3 Phases of Self-Development for a Happier Life

Choose one of the three areas to read more. Find tips and inspiration that you can use to start making positive changes in your life:

Phase 1: Renovate Your Mindset

Goals and action steps give us a sense of direction; a way to prioritize & measure our progress.

Phase 2: Reclaim Your Finances

Getting our finances in order is key to feeling secure & confident as an adult.

Phase 3: Rediscover Your Favorite Things

Our interests & hobbies keep us from losing sight of who we are as individuals.

Intentional & Actionable Contentment

My name is Emily — a married Midwest millennial on a mission. (A bit too much? I won’t say it again — just couldn’t help myself)

Living a Cozy Life is my project. I am passionate about sharing actionable tips and experiences around living a joy-filled life with intention and purpose.

Living a Cozy Life Emily Contentment Intention Mindfulness

The people and challenges in my life have shown me that we have the choice to make the most out of life; to be present in the cozy, everyday moments.

Learn More About My Personal Journey

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