Home Items that Seriously Decrease Stress & Frustration

If I could make one overarching goal for my home: it would be that it feels warm and cozy. A close second is to keep everything as stress and clutter-free as I can. I’m not a minimalist, but I definitely believe in getting rid of things we don’t use. Here are 5 favorite home items we do use and absolutely love

It’s worth stating at the start of this post that I am not sponsored or compensated in any way for suggesting these great products. I just love them.

Pyrex Bakeware and Food Storage

I can’t stand cleaning tupperware and other plastic food storage containers. I hate the idea of reheating food in them when I take them with me to work. I lose my mind trying to find the matching lids. The solution: Pyrex.

Pyrex containers are one of my absolute favorite kitchen must-haves. We don’t go a single day without using them and they save us time, money, and our sanity.

We got a set of Pyrex containers as a wedding gift. We immediately stopped using our plastic Tupperware and Gladware. We now stack our favorite sizes of Pyrex containers neatly in our kitchen. Although we have very little storage space, our Pyrex containers have a special shelf so that we can grab them whenever we need. And we need them often.

This 3 cup container is our fave size for packing lunches.

Pyrex storage is made of glass, with a flexible plastic lid. The glass makes it simple to clean and sanitize, and it also handles the microwave like a champ (as long as you remember to take the lid off!). No more plastic leaching into my lunch!

The trick to truly making Pyrex storage your go-to kitchen must-have is to stack your favorite containers with the lids on them. It takes up a little more space, but it saves us the hassle of searching. It’s worth it. I could go on forever.

Bonus tip: Put your plastic food storage out of the way while you get used to the Pyrex transition. I’m sure that you’ll find yourself forgetting about all your stained, probably warped, Gladware in no time.

A Down-Alternative Comforter & Duvet Covers

Growing up, my mom was really into moving the furniture to make a space feel fresh and new. At this point in my life, I haven’t become a frequent couch-mover (mostly due to a lack of space and options!). I have found, however, that changing things like the bed linens can make my small space feel pretty fresh.

Our big, fluffy down-alternative comforter makes this really simple. We got the comforter itself because we wanted something heavier to sleep under during the cold winter months, but I quickly learned about the fun of having multiple duvet covers to choose from whenever I change the sheets.

Instead of going through the hassle of washing the comforter whenever I change the sheets, I simply remove and replace the duvet cover. (We wash the comforter itself every season)

I keep 2 or 3 different semi-coordinating duvet covers on hand. With them, I am able to put something different on the bed and give the space a “new” look more often and without having to deal with a bunch of useless decorative pillows.

Nap-Worthy Pillows for the Couch

There’s just something about a lazy Sunday nap on the living room sofa that makes nap-worthy pillows worth the search. Have you ever laid down on a couch only to find that the decorative pillows are scratchy, too small to use, or uncomfortable?

Why have decorative pillows if you want to just set them aside every time you sit on the couch?

Instead, focus on finding napping pillows for your couch. Get pillows that make you want to curl up with a cozy throw blanket and a cup of tea. Maybe even throw on a Disney movie? I’m getting too specific…

We got some of these pillows in the Sandstone color as a wedding gift and they are totally nap-worthy.

Bonus tip: Consider getting really affordable nap pillows that you can replace every once in a while or finding options that can be washed and re-stuffed. Pillows get dirty and nobody wants to cuddle up with a smelly/grungy throw pillow.

Under Bed Storage Containers

I know, it’s not trendy to have a bedskirt and use under-bed storage space. It’s supposed to be open and airy and whatever else. However, when storage space is tough to find, it’s time to take advantage of the magic of bins.

I don’t believe in under-bed space for storing items that are never used. Once those are out of sight, you’ll use them even less (maybe consider donating those items anyway?)

Under-bed storage should be the go-to for keeping cluttery-but-useful items categorized and tucked away. Some examples of this include: wrapping paper rolls & tissue paper, scrapbooking/craft  tools, linens/supplies for guests, extra blankets & pillows, etc.

Instead of having to waste precious surface spaces around the house, make a map of where these items live and store them neatly under the bed. Living in a small apartment, our under-bed storage has been crucial to keeping the clutter under control.

We have several of these storage bins — nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Sure, it’s not trendy. But when you have nowhere else to put things and you want to de-clutter the gathering areas of your home, under-bed bins can really come in handy.

Bonus tip: We increased our storage space even more by putting our bed on risers. Make your space work for you! With the potential mess tucked away, you won’t even care if your bedroom space looks less “cool”.

Simplehuman Kitchen Garbage Can

Hear me out, because this is an expensive garbage can. It sounds ridiculous, but this trash receptacle (which I received as a Christmas gift) has seriously improved our small apartment living.

Not only has the trash can made our garbage collection look cleaner, but it keeps nasty smells inside, and has taken away the gross factor of taking out the trash.

The simplehuman liner rim keeps the bags in place and gets rid of the need for an inner bucket, which means there’s more room for trash inside the can. This means fewer trips out to the garbage bins.

We also buy the specially-made garbage bags that fit in the can’s built-in dispenser. Taking out the trash has literally become way less of a hassle. This can has been a dream. We’ll never go back.

Bonus tip: If you get the steel foot pedal can, you don’t even have to worry about technology issues with motion-sense. They do make those, for anyone who wants motion-sense, but I prefer simpler mechanics.

More Home Favorites & Inspiration

For me, a cozy home is one full of my favorite people and colors (and let’s be honest, a little too much Harry Potter). Don’t forget that your home is YOURS and what feels cozy and comfortable to you is always the right choice.

Take on the clutter and create a cozy, comfortable, clean space in your home. Read some of my tips for making an apartment space feel cozy — At the end of the day the things we keep in our home aren’t worth stressing over. There are just certain items I’ve found that make my daily processes feel more convenient and tidy.

What are some of your favorite home items? Any that I need to add to my collection of must-haves?
Must Have Home Items to Declutter and De-stress
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