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Have something you want written? Let me letter for you!

I love to be a part of the process of creating something that feels personal for others to share with their friends and loved ones.

So whether you want to learn more about the heart behind Living a Cozy Life, or you’re looking to have something hand-lettered for an event, friend, or loved one. I would love to make it happen.

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Or send me a message using the form below. For more info, explore my tips, lessons, and experiences in lettering on the blog.

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My Heart on Hand Lettering

I wrote an essay while I was in college (one that didn’t receive a very high grade, I might add) that spoke to how much I believe in the gift of a handmade card.

The professor might not have felt that something simple, made by hand, was worthy of believing in. I truly feel that what makes it special is the genuine feeling and time put into its creation.

I realized that the feeling I got when I received a handmade card or gift was worth sharing with others. To me, it wasn’t about what the gift or card cost in money, but rather how genuine it felt.

When we are born, we are gifted a finite amount of time on this planet. Nobody knows how much they have.

That’s really what makes handmade things so special.

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