About Living a Cozy Life

Hello there!

I’m Emily – a married millennial with a never-ending list of to-do’s! I am always working on sharing the inspiration (and life stories) behind why I believe that living a happier, cozy life starts with decisions we make every day.

About Living a Cozy Life & Intentional Contentment

From my perspective, Cozy can be (basically) summed up with this phrase:

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”

Of course, this means that I love a clean and organized home (have I ever mentioned that keeping things organized is a legitimate HOBBY for me?).  But this phrase also applies to the way that I prioritize our finances, my time, and my day-to-day decisions.

I firmly believe in making room for what’s important – at home, in relationships, and certainly in my calendar. In my opinion, there is nothing cozier than that feeling when life’s puzzle pieces fit together.

Things I love:

Hot coffee, hand lettering, happy music, long walks, thunderstorms, a cozy home, and Harry Potter.

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Education & Personality

Some things about my background, education, and personality type:

  • I have a degree in Organizational Communication. Much of my perspective on relationships, goal-setting, and opportunities to succeed is based on my view of the world through the lens of structures and the rules that we create for them.
  • My Myers Briggs personality type is ISTJ. If this sounds like nonsense to you, then feel free to ignore it! I love getting things done (the “right way”), cleaning out clutter, setting goals, and open, honest communication. For me, there are few things more exciting than finding the most efficient and stress-free ways to check things off the list.
  • I work full-time managing blogs and social media. Despite the fact that I blog for a living, I have learned there are a LOT of differences between blogging for a company and blogging for myself. It’s a process — but I am getting better and learning more every day!

From a positive mindset, to our homes and hobbies — It’s my goal to share inspiration and ideas for creating a cozy life.

Why Not Jump Right In?

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Living a Cozy Life is my project and I believe life is all about striking the perfect balance between planning ahead and embracing life’s crazy circumstances. (& making some cozy memories along the way!)

Use this as the jumping off point. Get on track to grow as a more productive, engaged, and cozier version of yourself:

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