About Living a Cozy Life

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Iā€™m Emily ā€“ a married millennial with a never-ending list of to-do’s! I am always working on sharing the inspiration (and life stories) behind why I believe that living a happier life starts with a change in mindset.

About Living a Cozy Life & Intentional Contentment

Things I love:

Hot coffee, hand lettering, happy music, long walks, thunderstorms, a cozy home, and Harry Potter.

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Education & Personality

Some things about my background, education, and personality type:

  • I have a degree in Organizational Communication. Much of my perspective on relationships, setting goals, and managing priorities comes from understanding the world as a series of structures and organizations.
  • My Myers Briggs personality type is INTJ. If this sounds like nonsense to you, then feel free to ignore it! I love getting things done (the “right way” šŸ˜‰ ), cleaning out clutter, setting goals, and open, honest communication. For me, there are few things more exciting than finding the most efficient and stress-free ways to get things done.
  • I also work full time managing blogs and social media. Despite the fact that I blog for a living, I have learned there are a LOT of differences between blogging for a company and blogging for myself. It’s a process — but I am getting better and learning more every day!

From finances, marriage, to the home space, and hobbies — It’s my goal to share actionable steps for really getting ahead of our priorities & goals.

Why Not Jump Right In?

More: My Experiences in Learning What it Means to Be Content

This personal development blog was created to help you build a life with more direction, intention, and purpose. I believe life is all about striking the perfect balance between planning ahead and embracing life’s crazy circumstances. (& making some cozy memories along the way!)

Use this as the jumping off point. Get on track to grow as a more productive, engaged, and purposeful version of yourself:

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