About Living a Cozy Life

Apart, we are two sisters making our way in this crazy world, but together we are Living a Cozy Life.

Em @ Living a Cozy Life

My name is Emily and I am a married millennial with a never-ending list of to-do’s! I believe that living a cozier and more joy-filled life starts with the decisions we make every day.

Things I LOVE: Hot coffee, hand lettering, happy music, long walks, a cozy home, and Harry Potter.

Cate @ Living a Cozy Life

My name is Cate and I am a married Gen Z with my head constantly in the clouds! I believe that living a more fulfilling and cozy life starts with some kick butt inspiration, reflection, and a pen to paper daydream session. 

Things that I LOVE: Baking, nature, photography, daydreaming, hosting, and thunderstorms.

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Living a Cozy Life: Living with Intention & Contentment

Living a Cozy Life is under construction. If you’re looking for the content that filled Cozy Life before our big redirection, check it out on the pages below!

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