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My name is Emily. I am a writer, artist, and the creator of Living a Cozy Life.

About Living a Cozy Life & Intentional Contentment

I am passionate about living with purpose and intention. From finances, marriage, to the home space, and hobbies — It’s my goal to share actionable steps for living in a way that supports our biggest priorities and goals.

Things I love:

Hot coffee, hand lettering, happy music, long walks, thunderstorms, a cozy home, and Harry Potter.

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I live by the belief that living with intention and practicing patience & discipline helps us to create a life filled with joy, adventure, and cozy memories.

More: My Experiences in Learning What it Means to Be Content

My dream is to share ways to to practice living with intention and purpose. Life is all about striking the perfect balance between planning ahead and embracing life’s crazy circumstances.

Use this as the jumping off point. Get on track to grow as a more productive, engaged, and content version of yourself:

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