Ultimate Guide to Staying Cozy Working from Home this Winter

You might not think you love working from home when the weather turns cold. But that really just means that it’s time to get inspired and get your hands on some of the MUST HAVE essentials for feeling cozy working from home in the winter

Wintertime… it’s certainly got its challenges. But working from home in the winter means you get to skip the daily commute, and make your coffee just  how you like it.

On the other hand, the sunrise comes later and the biting wind might be sneaking through any cracks in your windows or doors. That can definitely add the wrong kind of chill vibe to your home office. 

Working at home in the winter can be a great experience. We promise! 

4 Super Cozy Office Space Tips for Working from Home in Winter

Working from home is so different from working in an office setting. You’re the master of your workspace at home—and that means that you can change a few things and BAM your remote office feels 10x more effective and comfortable. 

Clean tidy workspace with coffee mug and journal

Set up lighting options for all times of the day

Lighting matters. And the only people who don’t believe that have probably never accidentally bought the wrong colored light bulbs and cringed when they turned on the light. 

Admit it, you’ve totally done that. So, we will say it again. Lighting TOTALLY makes a difference!

When winter arrives, the sunshine seems to hide—at least until much later in the morning. That can really throw off your morning routine and motivation levels. 

What your office needs is lighting to create a cozy, productive environment. The key to that is to have a variety of light sources so you can change your lighting throughout the day. 

Up working before the sun? Have at least two light sources at eye level (table or standing lamps), plus an overhead or ceiling light to make you AND your space feel wide awake.

Typing away in the middle of the day? Open the curtains if you can and ditch one of the eye-level lights to take advantage of any natural light.

Getting close to signing off around supper time? Finish off your work day with only the two eye-level sources of light, bathing your space in a cozy warmth that tells your brain that it’s time to wrap things up for the evening. 

Add soft accents to warm up and cut down on echo

Nothing makes an office space feel corporate and unfinished like that warehouse-sounding echo when you’re on a conference call. 

If you’ve got carpeted floors, you can probably afford a few more hard surfaces without having to worry about sounding like you’re in a cave. 

But if you’ve got a space with basically just a hard floor and a desk, it’s probably time to invest in a couple soft accents. 

Working from home desk space bright window curtains and cat

Here are a few go-to soft items that will cozy up your office without adding too much chaos. 

  • A small, plush throw blanket to add some visually comfy vibes to your space.
  • A cork or fabric covered pin board above your desk to keep important notes, and cover some empty wall space.
  • A stylish low pile rug under your desk. (low pile so that your chair isn’t constantly getting stuck on it)
  • Table lamps with fabric lamp shades for a softer look, and light for the room. 

Find a chair with support where you need it

If there’s something that matters more than lighting, it’s probably your chair. Of course, not all of us have access to (or room in the budget for) a fancy, super comfortable desk chair. 

But you should definitely consider a seat with some support for your spine. 

When you’re spending a considerable amount of time (we’re talking HOURS and HOURS) sitting at your desk, taking calls, being the master of your work-from-home office… you deserve a chair that won’t cause long-term pain and damage to your spine. 

Of course, practicing good posture in any chair is important. But adding a small support pillow, or buying a chair with built in lumbar support will make this MUCH easier to do. 

Supportive office chair for working from home

Keep messy snacks and food away from your workspace

It’s well-known that one of the BEST parts about working from home is having access to snacks all day long. 

We love it, even if the scale says otherwise! 

However, there’s just nothing cozy or comfy about crumbs and spills all over your desk space. (or the floor around it!) 

Accidents happen: your cat may snuggle just a little too close to your coffee cup. One of your kiddos may decide to share some crumbly crackers with you and your keyboard. Mess will happen!

But as much as is possible, work-from-home-ers should keep that home office free from crumbs and snack debris. 

Consider the mess factor when you’re buying snacks for the week, and simply choose to walk away from your desk for a five minute break if you really need one of those crunchy granola bars. 

Can’t fathom a day without Triscuits, or have a habit of setting sweating drinks on your desk without a coaster? It might be worth keeping a handy duster rag nearby to clear the space at the end of each day. 

Clean tidy desk space with kitten

How to Stay Warm in Your Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

You might say, just turn up the thermostat! But we’re all about saving money when you can. So these are tips for those of us who love cozy tips that save money, especially when it comes to staying warm working at home in the winter. 

The perfect lap blanket

Regardless of how professional you need to look on a daily basis working from home, you can totally get away with the lap blanket. 

The lap blanket is THE KEY to staying warm while sitting behind a desk all day. Some of us have even adopted this in the real office, but it’s especially practical when you’re at home. 

The blanket needs to be small enough to avoid getting in your way, but big enough to tuck all the way around your legs on especially cold days.

warm cozy socks with a cup of coffee

More scarves and socks 

When the thermostat says 68 degrees, but your body is telling you it’s gotta be a max of 50 degrees in your home office, it’s time to layer up!

Of course, those of us who take video calls for work may not be able to rock a big baggy sweatshirt and a hat. 

But we’ve tested it and been incredibly impressed with simply adding some warm, cozy socks and a scarf to our work-from-home ensemble. 

Need to take a video call? Just take off the scarf! Your feet will stay nice and toasty, and your scarf can go back on as soon as you hang up. If you’re lucky enough to be able to skip the business casual workwear when you’re at home, just keep the scarf AND socks on all day.

You’ll be amazed at how much warmer you feel with just socks and a scarf. And you’ll be doing a happy dance when you see the savings on your heating bill. 

cozy desk space with coffee and laptop

Warm drinks to sip

You’ve heard it before, and it won’t be the last time it’s suggested. But a warm drink on a chilly day is seriously a game-changer. 

Do you have a mug warmer at your desk? If you don’t, add that to your wish list ASAP. It won’t break the bank, but it WILL keep your favorite drink, drinkable! 

Have you tried chai tea with honey and cream? Are you big on black coffee’s bold flavor? 

(Em here: this blog covers my FAVORITE powdered chai tea mix (no honey or cream needed)!)

Not sure you have a favorite warm drink you can sip all day while you work? There are tons of people who swear by just drinking hot water throughout the day. Some suggest adding a little lemon and honey to some warm water for a slightly flavored alternative. 

It’s worth the effort in winter to find a way to keep a warm drink nearby. Not only to stay hydrated throughout the day but to stave off the wintry chill. 

Whatever you drink, make it warm and keep it warm. You’re bound to feel much cozier at the home office when your teeth aren’t chattering.

Hand warmers for all-day typing

It’s tough to type with cold fingers. They’re stiff and slow, causing errors and frustration while you’re working.  

Keeping the thermostat at a lower temp in the winter saves you money. But there’s no reason to let your hands suffer to save a few bucks! 

Whether you go for fingerless gloves, an old classic, or opt for a rechargeable hand warmer, your hands will thank you. Typing away with warm hands and not having to be in the office? Does winter get any better than that? 

Embracing the Seasons Makes Every Season Better

We all change up our daily routines throughout the year, but living seasonally is about so much more than putting up decor that matches an upcoming holiday. It’s about making the effort to find what inspires you and live it out. 

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Indulge in the unique benefits of each season. From the food, to your morning routine, there are always new ways to make your life feel richer and cozier, whatever the season. And Living a Cozy Life is a great place to find ideas for how to make every season the best it can be. 

Creating a Cozy Home Office Space for Winter

How do you like to make the most of working from home in the winter? Do you have any great tips for those of us who struggle to stay cozy and warm? Leave it in the comments!

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